Friday, 27 November 2015

I'm a British person saying No to war in Syria.

Granted, I have touched upon Syria as a topic before on this blog and of course several times on my YouTube channels, mainly the BevRants channel, over time of course.

Thing is, with Syria, things are changing on almost a daily basis, and a lot of what people say isn't making any sense, it would appear though that we have a lot of people, world over, who want Syrian people to remain in their homes and face an almost certain death, rather than go to the country where they live, because of ____ reason(s).

More recently the british government have been speaking about their support of taking war action in Syria (missing out that we, the british, have been involved in Syria for some time now, but who needs to know about the sale of arms and where exactly the foreign aid budget is going). So the reason I post the title of this post as such, is because I want it to be known that when our political figures, any of them, speak about how "We the british", I want it known now, straight away, that they do NOT speak for me, when it comes to war in Syria against whatever side they want to fight against.

Having such an opinion though is not one that will gain you support or nice comments, indeed, rather the opposite. To now, I have been told that I am crazy, wearing a tin foil hat and my personal favourite is that i'm a "loony lefty". Thing is though, insults aside, many people have opinions which if were put into a political place, would result in the death of millions of people.

I speak of course about the dreaded, refugees.

We have to admit that Syria is a war zone. There is no escaping this fact, you don't even have to do much of a google image search to see the state the country is in and it is of my opinion that not much of Syria can be remaining un-touched by the war efforts of those fighting in the country. I have a difficult time, after seeing this footage and still images, trying to understand where anybody comes from when their opinion is to close the countries borders and leave the refugees with nowhere else to go apart from to remain in a country which will result in their death. Even more amusing to me is seeing where the people with such opinions live, because in many cases it is their country which is contributing to the war in Syria in one way or another.

So in closing on that part, we have to accept Syria for what it is. It isn't a 3rd world country and not all of it's population is muslim, just to set the record straight on those who want to argue that the people fleeing Syria are not poor enough to be classed as a refugee and thus, shouldn't be offered help.

So why do I speak about british war then?

Well, firstly our government is only taking in 20,000 refugees over the next coming years, this is not nearly enough and if we are to go in, we should provide the innocent people with housing. Secondly, we need to look at what has happened to those other places around the world which have taken direct action in Syria and what has happened to them.

France took part in this war a few months ago, and not even a month ago, we all saw the terrible news of what took place in Paris, an attack carried out in the name of revenge for France having started to bomb Syria.

Taking France as the main example then, why oh why would any other country want to get involved in any way, shape or form? If the example is clear for us to see that our innocent people on our innocent shores would suffer, why would we knowingly put ourselves at risk?

If we also were to get involved, we could end up pissing off another country, which is not an option we should ever want to face. How would this be the case? Well, take a look at Russia and Turkey at the moment. A Russian jet flew into Turkish air space and was shot down. Not a big deal? Well, if more incidents like this happen then more countries will begin to fight each other and before we know it, you'll be given your guided tour and welcome meeting as you will have arrived at your destination, world war 3.

So finally, people ask me, with my opinion being the way it is, what is the peaceful options that I speak of. Well, look at what has already taken place which has helped to end all wars to date. It wasn't war that brought an end to a war, it was a peaceful handling of the situation which made people see sense, despite what the original war was over.

We must always, as a world, work to a peaceful agreement, rather than war. In war, we lose innocent people and that, my friends, is never acceptable.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

The Paris attacks.

Recently we in the west have been shocked to learn of another round of "terrorist" attacks in Paris, and this time, not a comic book in sight. On Friday just gone, we saw scenes which horror films are made of, as over 100 lives came to a premature end in very horrific ways.

I will of course start this post by saying I do not approve of the attacks, they should never have happened, I hope those who have passed are now at peace and those who survived the attacks to find the help they need to be able to move on, over time of course.

It is when you look into why these attacks took place, that your view may change to what you have been supporting of late. Of course much of social media and the west is happy for france to play the full on victim here, but that simply isn't true.

The truth of it is, France has been involved in the war in Syria. They were warned, as we all were, that if we got involved then we would have lives of our own lost, and as sad as it is to say, that is what has happened in France.

So yes, the politics of that country, caused this attack, in ways that are very similar to what France did only a few months before.

They invaded a country and killed innocent people with bombs, guns, air attacks etc. So, what happened in Paris? People invaded the country and carried out attacks on innocent people. "An eye for an eye" is an old term I've heard many times before, and that is exactly what is happening here.

So, we all know about France and what it has been subjected to. Are you all aware of the other terrorist attacks that have been taking place too?

Many people, sadly are not aware of these other attacks. However, Paris is attacked and I notice nearly all of facebook begins to look like the French flag, even though it was France who went to war in Syria, they were not attacked first, they are the attackers.

Now though, as the weekend concludes of course we want to find somebody to blame for these attacks. The group ISIS have claimed responsibility for the attacks and some funny news has made it's way to me, were apparently, despite nothing being left of the suicide bomber or anything around him, his paper passport has survived, in tact.

How does that work exactly? Paper can now survive bomb blasts? Maybe when the attacks make their way to british shores, I should just wrap myself in passport paper and i'll be able to carry on with life as normal.

People are also wrong when they try to pin the blame on the refugees who are trying to escape ISIS, because, why are they going to come and bomb you, when they, like you and me, don't want to have to live under threat of ISIS or any being killed simply for living in a certain part of the world.

Oh and don't get me started on how many people are wanting to blame Muslims for the attack. ISIS follow the same amount of rules from the holy book of Islam, as I do when trying to cook from a Delia Smith book, you got it wrong Delia, I cook better than you!

Anyway, it's a sad world we live in at the moment, too many lives are being lost, but we, as people, need to look at who the real attackers are, then we can begin to deal with the problem.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Depression and me. Part 1.

Recently I said on a BevRants YouTube video that I was on anti-depressants, which seemed to shock some people. When coming to write material like this, I have found it hard more recently to keep my mind focused on the topic i'm supposed to be dealing with and my sleeping pattern has all but vanished with a constant feeling of tiredness having been over me for the past few months now.

It all seemed to start a small while ago when my nana (grandmother) underwent an operation on what was called a large hernia. The operation itself seemed to go to plan, but bringing her back around from it seemed to take up most of the day, so of course we were all worried. After that she ended up in hospital for the following 2 weeks, almost 3 weeks, because of several complications and much of that time was spent on the hospital's critical care unit, where one day and night in particular, we thought we were on the verge of having said our last goodbye's to her.

As is becoming usual with my nana though, she is stronger than many of us give her credit for and she managed to make a full recovery, which is brilliant news and has reaffirmed to us all, how precious she is in our lives.

During the time all this was going on however, I spent much of my time worried and unable to feel as if I could just "switch off". My days and nights were spent at the hospital waiting around or being in visiting her. Once she made it out of hospital, life could sort of go back to normal for us, only, it didn't for me.

The feeling of being tired took over for me, I found it very rare that I could have a full day without thinking "i really want to be in my bed" and that is how it has stayed. This lack of sleeping ability with some other issues that were going on in my life, lead me to contact my doctor, whom, at my first appointment agreed with me that indeed, some sort of other therapy should be sort after before the use of any drugs to try and see if my apparent depression would be solved this way.

After about a month, it turned out that no, nothing was improving for me, infact, feeling like things were only getting worse is how I would describe that time. So, I went back to the doctors who agreed that now, medication was the only way forward, along with other therapies too, like talking with a councillor etc.

I began my treatment of medication and within a few days, I did notice some improvements, my sleeping pattern seemed to be picking up and I for the first time in along time, felt like I could get a good nights sleep.

That was all well and good up until about 2 weeks ago. I came back onto my youtube creators bit and the thought of making a video, worried me. I quickly closed the page amid thoughts of "what would you do a video about anyway" or "you haven't got a mobile working camera yet, so you can't do it". My feeling of being constantly tired has also come back to trouble me and most of my days now are spent on a bed, sleeping or just having a lack of motivation to do anything.

While it is possible that the medication could be just starting to take effect and that maybe I should look at other medications if I feel this one isn't for me, i'm putting myself out there with this situation.

I know I am not the only person to suffer with even a mild version of depression. It takes on many different forms and I know for a fact that many people reading this will go "yip, that's how it was for me".

I will make other parts to this and try to tell you all as much as I can about my history with depression and hopefully, it might clear my mind and be able to let me go back to being able to focus.