Saturday, 25 May 2013

Let's do the time warp... again?

It's commonly known that for MANY years before recent history, LGBT rights and the whole community was subject to some pretty horrendous stuff. Beatings, police raids, death, being forced into mental hospitals etc, all form a part of the history.

Since i've been around, even i've seen massive improvements. You can't help but notice that "gay marriage" is a topic around the world that has got people talking and of course shows a rare bit of progress (either in place or on its way).

Amazingly though, while the different parts of the gay community celebrate world wide, i think many of us are forgetting some of our own kind as we take to our own excitement for progress.

Have a little read of this....

"A law in the city of St Petersburg law equates homosexuality with paedophilia and was passed by the city on February 29 of last year – despite more than 270,000 people signing an online petition against the measure.
Last year, St Petersburg authorities permitted a rally against homophobia, but its participants were attacked by masked thugs, none of whom were arrested."

Yup, thats right, Russia, of all places.

This is something i've known of for a little bit of time now, but tbh, feel kind of limited as to what can actually be done. In most cases you'd be able to try and push your own government to atleast speak up about this issue, but in truth, none of them seem keen to do so at the moment which IS now starting to cost lives.

Gay pride as we all know is held world over, yet still remains illegal in russia under the current laws, those who do attend them are often arrested or face being beaten. THIS is what has to change.

But how exactly do you change russia? You see, this is an age old question i've often asked myself and tbh, i should be watching india given what my friend was explaining to me the other day.

See in Indian law, everybody is equal... that's right, in India, you can already marry a person of the same sex, great news right? Kind of... see while the law has kept ahead of many other parts of the world, it's also kept ahead of peoples own opinion's in the country, which apparently, can still lead to some homophobic things being said etc.

With Russia, i'd love to know if it is just the laws that are changing to become stupidly homophobic, or do these laws now actually represent the voices of the people in the country?

I guess it's something we won't find out for a while yet anyway, but either way WE ALL need to push for change with this, so if you see any petition's, then sign them, lets not leave people open to attack under laws which we all know... are crazy.

Monday, 20 May 2013

The London Incident.

So news on 19/05/2013 was this....

A gay couple who were walking through a park in south London during the early hours of this morning have been viciously assaulted by a gang of men with one of the attackers saying “stay down faggot.”
The incident happened on Sunday 19 May at around 12:30am.
Christopher Bryant, 42, and his partner Damon Truluck, 38, were walking home across Betts Park in Penge, in the London Borough of Bromley, when six men approached them.
Speaking to on Sunday afternoon, Mr Bryant said: “We saw them too late to get away. We ran, and I was getting away, but they caught Damon, my partner, and so I doubled back. I tried to get them off him, and that’s when they thumped me to the ground.
“When I looked up to see if he was ok one of them kicked me in the face, and said ‘stay down faggot’. Every time I looked up to see what was happening to Damon they either thumped or kicked me, and said ‘don’t try anything’. They went through my pockets and took my wallet and phone. But they kept hitting. Before they ran off they pushed us together and told us to stay still for 5 minutes or they’d kill us.”
The assault took place just hours after Mr Bryant celebrated his 42nd birthday. He suffered multiple injuries to his face.
Mr Truluck suffered injuries to his back and hip – and is currently finding it difficult to walk.
The couple have now been released from hospital.
Mr Bryant is originally from Cornwall and Mr Truluck from Essex.
The Metropolitan Police Service say they are investigating the incident and have told that so far no arrests have been made.
Before the attack, both men were raising awareness of Friday’s International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia through online magazine, of which Mr Bryant is the editor."

The orig story was posted to facebook, but was picked up on by several gay news media outlets, who have claimed that this was a homophobic attack, presumeably going on that he was told to "stay on the floor faggot", but this is where i've yet ANOTHER problem with the gay news.

See to me, this screams out "mugging" and NOT "homophobic attack". How can i come to that conclusion?

A homophobic attack will take place because of a persons sexuality or presumptions over it. Of course, anything can happen during the attack, only last week a man in russia had been found after he'd been violated vith beer bottles to his anus etc, this was confirmed that the attack took place because of the man's sexuality and the country's laws being changed to some quite homophobic extremes.

The attack in london, you may have noticed, didn't take place because they were a gay couple, that was not the motive. This attack had the motive of a typical mugging, which is... "I think you've got what i want and im going to hurt you until i get it, or something of that value". Although the term faggot is thrown around, it's a term which some people have taken from america, where the term is used in a homophobic way, let's still remember that a faggot in the UK is a meatball in gravy thats from scotland.

I do of course though have to face the obv question that everyone has been asking, i mean, WHY are two men innocently walking through a park at night? Where they just walking home, or were other activites taking place?

Of course the pair wouldn't admit to it if they were doing anything and i should point out at the moment that there's nothing to say why they were there for certain, but i personally have my doubts.

I also personally, if i was the one who they couldnt have gotten hold of, would have kept running until i was certain they were not following me, then called for help (Ie, the police) and given a full description and of course helped officers get to the scene once they had arrived in the area, that way theres more chance that the attackers would have been caught, but again, this is purely a split second decision made on the spot and the main person shouldn't face any questioning over his motive to try and save his friend from the attack, which he later found himself in.

There's always going to be attacks like this happening, my reasoning for doing this blog is a very simple one.... simply put, this isn't a homophobic attack, but it is yet again a prime example of how the gay media does love to roll over and play the victim, trying to show the gay community to be under constant attack, when truth of the matter is.... were not always under attack.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The words have left me....

This isn't a kind of "feel sorry for me" blog or even more of a ranty style, it's just purely for the fact that yet again, i've sat infront of facebook, wanting to put a status update and not finding the words to put there to express what's going on in my life, or how im feeling.

This is not like me.

There's been a few things happening over the past few weeks that have gotten me into this state, i mean, where to begin with the job centre? Who currently think it's fine to leave me 6 weeks with no money what-so-ever, and i swear to god, if they ask me to fill in one more bit of paperwork, i'll be having a meltdown there.

Maybe it's just the depressing sight that yet again, because of a lack of money, the cubards are empty and i'm currently trying to figure out if 5 tins of ravioli and 3 packs of noodles can be stretched over a two week period.

Maybe it's eventually caught up that i'm watching others go off and be able to do their own thing, where as i can't do what i want, when i want, because i simply don't have the money, or more recently, i don't have the ability to concerntrate.

That alone i'm finding REALLY difficult recently, i've often found myself in a mental battle with myself to keep my attention where it should be instead of just looking off into the distance and not saying anything to anyone.

Christ knows what's up with me recently, so for all the people who are thinking i've been abit quiet or off recently, i have, i know it and i will be back one day, it just won't be today. Don't know what it is beating me down, but as per, this won't last :)