Monday, 11 May 2015

The east vs the west.

We're in a weird time in this world.

It seems the world is divided, and it's only getting worse.

Two of the worlds most evil men, meeting together and making jokes of the west, for all to hear and see. The point?

I can only presume the whole point of this exercise was to try and show to the world that these two places are not wanting to become "friends" with the west anytime soon. Both of these men have a terrible track record when it comes to human rights. They're both behind many thousands of deaths, and nobody, not even the west, is stopping them.

I should point out that i'm not the biggest fan of the west either. I think that while we have a better standard of life, we are still far from perfect. We have our own political problems, we have human rights issues.... but our way of life, under democracy, is still a little better than the way of life in Russia, which is a nation calling for the soviet union to be brought back to life!

The video above you can tell is just there to provoke anger... war soon then?