Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Life With Bev video's are back!!!

So, it may come to some, as a bit of a surprise that my video version of this written blog IS now ready to make a return... but not just yet...

In short, yes, the video blog is back and is actually going to be getting off to a BIG start, in an episode where I'm going to get to meet the Leffew family. Yes, gay family values / depfox, my gay community idols, I'm getting to meet them! I can hardly wait myself!

The only problems that I'm having in making the video's is that basically, it's taking me FOREVER to make one video at a time. Put it this way, to make a 9 minute HD video for one of the episodes, it took over 14 hours for the editing programme to complete its actions, and even then, it missed off the visuals for the titles in the video... so yeah, it's not great.

What's this about meeting up with Depfox then?

Well, yeah, they're coming over to the UK and as soon as I found out about this, I was straight away messaging Jay asking if we could all meet up, and he said yes!!! The plans, as of yet, are abit sketchy, because of course, I won't be the only one who wants to meet them. Jay's suggested going out for a meal, which I'm all up for doing, so we'll just have to see closer to the time! But I could not be more happy to be able to say.... I'm going to meet them!!!

Now, will they appear in the video with me, you may ask? Well, it's abit up in the air, until everyone knows what they're doing, then I'm not sure if they'd want a camera shoved in their face, because let's face it, they're on holiday, would YOU want a camera shoved in your face while you were on holiday? Probably not, so, who knows! Although I'm getting pictures! That's my diva demand! haha.

So, in short, life with bev, the video's are back on, the launch date for the first episode back is going to be the 7th of Jan 2015 at 10am, GMT.

Monday, 22 September 2014

A love deal already????

Some of my followers on social media will now probably be aware that yes, I am indeed in a relationship. It's been just over a month of actual relationship, after about 2/3 weeks of meeting up and that was after months of talking online. Tonight, something happened in my mind that made me sure of how I feel about him and I kind of want to explain it to you, more so I can make sense of it myself (writing things down often helps me get my thoughts right).

Basically, I was working behind a bar in a members lounge, it was a quiet night with hardly anything to do and next to nobody to serv. About 9pm and in walks a man and his... well, I presume dad, but I couldn't be sure... an older gentleman anyway. Anyways, so they both order their pints and I got a look at the younger guy, probably about, what, 28 ish, piercing blue eyes, short dark hair, a small amount of stubble and for a while I was stood there thinking "hmm, he's actually not that bad looking". As soon as them thoughts began to enter my head, I remembered my boyfriend. I could actually imagine what he looks like when he first wakes up, which is when I find him just adorable... and usually makes me want to jump on top of him for hugs and a big "awwwww, you're soooo cute of a morning", said with my vile morning breath.

Now before I met my boyfriend, the thoughts would have been with me for a while longer about how good looking the guy in the bar was, but now, I find my thoughts drowned out by images of my boyfriend, and when that begins to happen, I feel a sort of, sadness, because he's not there with me, and I'd love for him to always be with me.

Granted, it's still early on in the relationship, and of course nobody is here to say that the relationship im in is going to be around forever, but, I know what it feels like to be in love and I think... wait, know, this is it.

It's scary though because usually I am very held back with my emotions, infact it has been said in the past that it's easier to get emotion from a stone, than it is from me, but that's because I don't like to commit to certain feelings unless I'm sure they're there, and when I'm sure they're there, they're there to stay.

With my boyfriend I am looking forward to the future, were taking things as slow as we can, because we both know that if you rush into things, chances are, you're going to rush back out, but it's been long enough for me to get to know his personality. We've only been meeting up a short while, but already I feel like I've known him a life time, and it's feelings like that which make me think.... this is love.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Can a failing NHS be saved?

For readers outside of the UK, this refers to the UK's National Health Service, or, NHS for short. Over recent times it's become more clear of how services are being carried out over-budget, but with nobody able to identify exactly where the money is being wasted.

It could simply be a case, as is in my personal opinion, that the NHS is being cash starved, so eventually it will be "saved" when it is sold onto private firms, to carry on delivering a service.

It's a very sad thing at the moment, how the NHS is being seen. Only 2 weeks ago I was in a hospital with a relative, and able to see myself the dedication that the staff have. We were at the Aintree hospital, Aka, Fazakerly hospital. We arrived at about 3 ish if I remember correctly, and from the moment we were in the hospital, not one member of staff could have been more polite, nor done enough for us. It was actually a massive thing for me to see, because it made me, as an outsider of the NHS, want to fight to keep the NHS alive, and of course, get it's staff better treatment (IE, better pay and better working conditions). Everybody from the woman who came round with free food and drink, to the Dr's, who's bleepers kept going off telling them of major trauma cases coming into the hospital, made all people feel that the patients health was number one, at all times.

Don't get me wrong, there's a few thing's Id change, like a patient wouldn't be moved wards past say, 9pm, or something like that, because being woken up in the middle of the night and either moved or discharged from the hospital, is not a good thing, that said, I'm sure those rules are not created by the doctors and nurses who have to carry out the work.

The question of this blog post is, can the NHS be saved, or is it too late?

Firstly, we need to identify where the money is going.

Granted, there's been (in my opinion) some VERY foolish spending on the part of the NHS. For example, I don't think breast enhancements should have ever been available, for anybody. I do believe that the way the management has been set up within the NHS has been wrong in the past, and in some area's, still is, and as we all know, managers in the NHS do not come cheap! Yet there's been reports of some workers in the NHS having 3 managers at the same time.... well WTF? Who decided that any role, would require 3 managers, at any time?

There's MANY rumours going around about where the money is being wasted, but if you speak to any employee of the NHS, either past or present, they will all have their own view, and the reason's are vast, but do seem to make sense... but all have one thing in common... Their idea's, if spoken about, fall onto deaf ears, somewhere along the line. THIS is where the money is being wasted. Look, the NHS has some of the most talented dr's and nurses in the world and they really could change the NHS for the better.... if only somebody was listening to them. Don't get me wrong, many are signed up to union's, but they only seem to deal with the pay, work environment and a little about the future, but even their suggestions are falling on deaf ears.

Secondly, we need to look at the NHS budgets themselves. As we know, over recent years, the UK has seen ALOT of new people coming into the country, and of course over time, these people are going to require health care, be it a simple check-up at the Dr's, or a full on session at A&E because of an emergency, so, have the budgets been increased in order to deal with this new demand? By how much have they been increased or decreased?

Finally, I will say, the NHS DOES have a future, but it needs people's idea's to be listened to and a governing body that will act upon idea's and not just push them to one side. It needs support.

So my message on all of this is, if you see any NHS petition's, look into it and sign it, we need more people to begin screaming to save the NHS. We have a wonderful thing, lets not let it go to waste here.