Tuesday, 25 December 2012

happy big GAY christmas!!!

Happy big GAY christmas!


Hopefully, by the time you're reading this, some of you will have already been down to see what santa has given to you, while other's reading of this will be keeping the christmas dreams and traditions alive.

You know, it's this time of year that i love, everyone for one reason or another, get's a little something in them which makes them act kind to each other. It's a time of the year that some of the nicest things happen, all be it seeing the exitement on kids faces as they open their presents from the parents and santa (Which for some reason in my past, santa used to have the same wrapping paper as my mother did.... ), or seeing how some agony aunt tv show's take a break from their usual routine of telling people how awful they are, to bringing hope and joy to those who most need it.

So, as you're reading this, maybe early on christmas morning, let's see if we can't get you into the christmas mood, by showing you some of my fave christmas video's.

Let's start with the Youtube channel DepFox.

As we all know by now, i love 'em. This year i did what i could to make sure their film was shown over here in the uk (The right to love : An american family) and i think things went as well as could be expected.

For some time now, you have been able to treat yourself with a little sneeky peak of what life is like in the Leffew family home once christmas has arrived. Here's my first video of their's to show you, a song sang by their daughter Selina, about how she saw daddy kissing santa.....

You've just gotta love that right?

Has that not gotten you in the mood already?

Hmmm.... Well, tell you what, have a look at how things are on christmas morning at the Leffews and see how you feel then....

Now be honest with yourself, You feel more in the mood for christmas after that don't you?

I sure do after watching them video's! There's 3 or 4 of them up to now and all of them just make you sit back and go "Awww".

So, are you STILL not in the mood for christmas?

Hmmm, let's see, shall we have a christmas song or two maybe?

Ok, let me dig through my records and see what are my fave christmas tracks.... Aha!!! Here we go, i love this one.... SING ALONG!!! :)

Well? Feeling more in the christmas mood now?

Ha! Yeeey!

Well, if you are, then brilliant, i hope you all have a brilliant christmas with your loved ones, get all the presents you want and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

If however, them previous video's have not done the trick, then you can join me in singing along to a song which is about the stress of christmas and, well, Let's see if we can't give it a miss this year.



Well even if not, slap on a smile!!

But really everyone, Have a brilliant day and enjoy it!!! 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The EDL, My take.

For several years now the UK has had a problem.

Loud mouthed, miss-informed people, who take to the streets to cause disruption and mayhem over a fear which is based on lies and rumours.

Welcome, to the EDL.

What is the EDL?

The English Defense League to give them their full title, is a "British" run group, who's leader going under the name Tommy Robinson, take to the streets whenever they can to protest the sharia law fear, which is the fear that the UK may one day be under Sharia law.

But shall we look abit closer at the EDL?

You see, MY problem with the EDL is that it's main core of supporters are actually just racist, homophobic middle aged men, who are either looking for a fight or, in truth, are just afraid of anything thats different to them.

Tommy Robinson, although not his real name, has connections with the KKK, who we all know about and what they stand for.

Here's some of what the EDL is like in action.

Attractive aint it?

So what is MY take on it all?

We, as in, the majority of people here in the UK, wouldn't lose any sleep if the EDL fell apart tomorrow for the simple reason that it's just causing trouble.

Video after video, photo after photo could be posted here, showing you that they just cause trouble and disruption, while their movement gains no progress or extra support. The UK will never fall into sharian law, it simply wouldn't work unless there was some sort of war taken place first. In which case, we all have the option of moving to another country, so even if it did, no biggy!

For as long as the borders have been open to the UK, some people have always said that the UK would be much better under sharian law. Some parts of it, actually, yes it would. Like i say though, this simply wouldn't happen. Yet in debates you can have with the members there seems to be more to this group than you'd first think.

In debates with the official twitter account for the EDL, i've managed to find out first hand that they believe there's an epedemic of muslim men, sexually assaulting and murdering teenage girls between the age of 11-16. While it is true that some muslim men do carry out such acts, men from all religions do this, infact, more men from other religions carry out these sorts of acts, so statistically speaking, it's not a muslim epademic.

We also get told of how the islamic religion teaches all men that they are above others and that all other religions are wrong. Because that's exclusive to the islamic holy books? Erm. No.

Long story short, the EDL base alot of their anger towards people purley on the colour of their skin, then hide behind a religion excuse, even if that person isn't of that faith. They protest often on these lies and feel that they have a very valid point, infact, they don't.

The EDL will eventually die out and be replaced by another extremeist group as history has taught us, but until that point in time, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

They hate and they are hated.