Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Media distraction?

For some time now I've had a big problem with the large media companies around the world, being selective in what they report and how they report it.

For example, at first, the refugee crisis which is happening because of the war in Syria etc, was being reported as many immigrants trying to leave, then it went to migrants and now it is down to what it is, refugees, with not one of the media outlets trying to explain the difference between them all.

It is possible that it has been over-looked, but if the media is going to be reporting on some stories, they need to ensure that all bases are covered and that people know the truth.

It's also why I've had such a large problem with the media of late. There's a cute story/video doing the media rounds at the moment which tells the story of an elderly couple and the woman is on a bed and the husband sings to her, it's cute, but I think this could be serving up as a large distraction as only certain media outlets are reporting on this and not other things which are happening around the world.

Let's indeed take Syria for example, re-wind time and what happened there?

The people were rising up against their government, as was being done in several other countries at the time. The Syrian government stood its ground and eventually was called out for using force against it's own people, including (but not limited to) the use of chemical attacks against it's own people.

Not long after this first started being reported, the story seemed to be removed from the media. It's possible that people found the story boring and no longer wished to continue to read or hear about it, but look how that worked out... Because the next time the media returned to the country it was because the "Islamic" state had invaded the country and people were having to flee the country because it was as it is now, a war zone.

I not only condemn the media for dropping the stories of Syria, but because they stopped doing their reporting, many in other parts of the world didn't speak up and try to put and end to what was happening in the country.

Now for them, it's too late. We have a humanitarian crisis and it's not going to end anytime soon.

This isn't the only fault of the media though and there's a right wing man behind it.

Rupert Murdoch and his family.

Murdoch owns some of the most powerful news agencies in the world and can push through it's right-wing agenda stories to try and get the masses scared of literally everything. Fox news, Sky News, The daily mail, the Sun... you name a bad news outlet and i'm sure in one way or another, the Murdoch family is behind it.

For the future of this sort of media I worry, because people are starting to see the truth about topics that without the internet years ago, we would have never been able to research these said topics and find out the truth for ourselves.

Jeremy Corbyn, seemingly from the left of politics, has much of this media scared. He thinks differently and encourages other people to do the same, that is what they don't like. If you have seen any of the media recently and they have been running stories like "He didn't sing the national anthem" or "He won't get elected", even though to win the Labour leadership he was elected...

If you see any of them, then that media platform is scared, and probably some where along the line, Murdoch is involved.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

I've been so quiet! Blame Curries PC World!!!

Welcome back .... ME!


Many people have noticed that on some social media platforms I have been quiet for some time now, there's a very good reason for this... My laptop.

My laptop is what helps me to create content, be it in written form like this or in video form for youtube. It is what I consider, a bit of a money maker for me, since I get paid for most of the content I create.

In July of this year however, I was creating a BevRants video for my youtube channel. Now when I go to record these I use a USB headset, because I've found in the past laptop mic's are kinda crappy and tend to pick up more background noise and make you sound really far away, even when you're not. I recorded the video as I would have normally but began to want to take the headset off, which I did. I un-plugged the headphones and... no sound. It is a problem I had delt with once before, but I was halfway through editing, I didn't want to have to come back to the work (editing my video's is what a person could so easily call a living hell).

I finished off the video and a small while later, I reset the laptop, the sound was back on... but not for long. Infact, over the night, I had many problems trying to get the sound to work once again, so it wasn't too long before I took the laptop back to where it had been bought.

Let's face it, in December last year when my other half Suny said "I'll buy you a laptop for Christmas", we didn't get a cheap one. At just short of £700 it was one of the most expensive things I think I have ever been given. It's mainly though because of the processor on the inside of the laptop, called an i7. i7 can manage ultra HD video, it can be quick to create the content I want to, it looks good, feels good... this was the laptop for me, only, now things were going wrong.

The staff at curries at first tried to boot up the laptop in store, it was taking a while so was booked in to see what this problem was, nothing about the sound. So you can imagine a week later when I go to get the laptop back out of repair, it wasn't long before the sound issue came back, as did the laptop, to them.

4 times all in all the laptop was sent back, before I received the letter saying "I've replaced the motherboard" which is what I had been saying was at fault. I knew it wasn't a software issue, yet I've nearly had arguments with the staff who have said it must be something I have been doing, or that it IS a software fault, to which I said "If it was a software fault, why am I back with the same problem again".

Needless to say this is the very short version of the story... but what is the plan now the laptop is back.

Well, this version of LWB and BevRants are what I class as "Irregular Uploads", meaning there's no schedule as to when content goes live on these things, which is fine, I can go back to doing them when i'm ready.

The video version of LWB is what is causing me the biggest heart ache of all. It got to the point I was doing weekly uploads on the FLT channel and it was getting to be a headache because so much was going on in my life that I couldn't talk about on camera for fear of pissing somebody off or having to be told "you should take that down" to which my answer is always a pleasant "no". I think I will return to doing the LWB video's, but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

See one of the biggest challenges I have involves my BevRants channel, which soon will be having it's 100th video go live on the channel... and there's a LOT happening for that, which is going to be a lot of work, but hopefully, it'll go down well on the channel... but that again is something I can't talk about... or, more, won't, because I want to keep the surprise!

Anyways, that's the short version of the story... hopefully i'll be back on here sometime soon with some fun stuff or thought provoking stuff... whatever earns me money hey!