Monday, 24 February 2014

Irony is... in denying gay people their rights.

I do apologise to people who read this blog on a regular basis, i think i have kind of coverd this ground before, but it's time for me to do it again, just to make more people aware of something that's happening.

I'm not the first person to draw the similarities between this, the first person i saw doing it was whoopi goldberg when she said on the view that it's a chain of events that is happening again. Black people were banned from marrying a white person, they were seen as different from society etc, yet, over-time, acceptance has come (although granted, racism is still a problem to this day, but it's not as bad as it once was). This is exactly how it is for gay people. We're told in many places around the world of how we cannot marry a person of the same sex, we are treated differently by society, we, as gay people, are still refferd to and joked about in derogatory way.

It's about time we stopped it, dont you think? It's 2014 ffs, where is democracy?

Having researched the links between black people fighting for equality and gay people fighting for equality, it strikes me a VERY odd that you would see black people trying to deny rights to gay people.

Robert Mugabe: ‘We don’t accept homosexuality, God made men and women so they can bear children’

Shouldn't this man, most of all, know that his actions and words are wrong? He's seen the fight, and literally, the fight, for black people to get to where they are today, where they're not treated as 2nd class citizens.... who the fuck is he to treat anybody like that? Sorry, but the man is a complete and utter joke and needs a slap back into reality.

President of Uganda signs Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law

Another man who's black, denying people basic human rights. In 2014.

The west has done what over this anti-homosexuality bill? Spoken out about it? Oh wow, let me stand and applaud these wonderful speeches that have as of yet, done fuck all.

Uganda WILL get equality, these things take time, but i know that people are working hard at making the change happen.

So, what is my final thing on this?

It's pathetic, it really is. We are in 2014 and not doing enough to stop the death's of so many. We carry on allowing gay people to be treated the way that they are and most don't bother to speak out for change to happen.

Even here in the UK, USA... these places where were supposed to have equality, we're still treated differently. I finish by showing you this speech, please watch it fully.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

My kind of man?

It's been years since i've been able to say "this is my boyfriend" or something like that. For some reason over the past few years my willingness to be with a man has seemed to go to nothing, only for it to come back in the past year or so, but only then i've shown interest in a select few men... but why?

It of course leaves many of my friends and family to ask "what is your type" and while there's no one answer to that, there's little bits i've noticed that seem to get me interested.

So what are they?

1) Personal hygene.

For me, it's important for a guy to look and smell nice, when i say look, i mean... washed.

Too often these days people smell with some awful body odours and that REALLY doesn't do it for me, at any time. With big supermarkets these days it's possible for you to get deoderant from 40p a can, there's no excuse for people to smell bad, ever.

When it comes to smells, even they can have an effect on me, like, if a guy smells nice, that is an instant bonus for me. Like yesterday, i bought a new deoderant which is called "spirit" by lynx. I've never smelled it before, but as soon as i did, i was in love with it. It has a smell on it which is the sort of smell i like to smell on a guy.

2) Eyes.

A guy, for me, has to have nice eyes. Like pools of water i can get lost in... i just love to look into a nice set of eyes. What do i define as nice? Well, usually theres something different about them, like one guy i talk to, he's been told many times that he has "bug" eyes.

While we're on about eyes, if a guy can make eye contact too, that's always an added bonus. It annoys me a little bit when people talk around you, rather than talking to you... although granted, in certain situations, i am guilty of doing that myself.

3) Personality.

Yes, i'm not as shallow as i once was, a guy must have a good personality and sort of... match mine. By that, i mean that we should share a similar sense of humor, be able to talk to each other with no topics off limit and of course, be able to be relaxed around each other.

I do tire easily of having to be happy around people all of the time, someone who can get to know the real me would realise that i'm different on a night out to how i am at home watching tv... and still like me.

5) Financially independant.

I cannot begin to explain how annoying it is to hear the "can i borrow ten pounds" every other day by a person, it really does bug me when people cannot live within their own income. Now granted, i don't have a huge income at all, but, what i do have, i manage to live with... and that's what i want with a guy.

So it doesn't matter to me if a guy in unemployed or not, what does matter is that they can financially support themselves.

6) Able to challange me.

With this blog and a few others, you may have noticed that from time to time i will have a strong opinion on things, and i'll admit it, i do. What i would look for in an ideal guy is someone who can challange me on these things. Not pick at everything, but if they didn't agree with my thoughts, be able to challange me. Find out why I think what i do, explain their side of it... and just be able to talk about things.

7) Trust.

Kind of a major one, if these things were in order, this would be top of the list. I really have trouble being able to trust people. Don't get me wrong it is something that i always try to work on, but, with some guys that i've been interested in, something inside just says to me "you can trust this one". Not to say that they wouldn't do thing's which would void the trust bond, but i cannot explain it.

Trust, to me, should be the basis of the relationship. If trust isn't in a relationship, neither am i.

8) A can-do attitude.

Bored of the days where i'm left to do all the cleaning up. Atleast an offer would be nice!

I really do need a guy with a can-do attitude because i really do get bored quickly of people who are constantly down on themselves or every idea put to them and they're like "no, i don't think we can do that" etc.

And there you go. Not it in full, but there's certainly some of the thing's that i will look for in a guy. The real, full, list is huge and vary's from guy to guy, but yeah... that's kind of why i'm single. I'm yet to find a guy who matches all of them, thats interested in me.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Anger of people's reaction to Russia's treatment of the LGBT community



I need to breath hard before writing this blog post, because the general public have done too little too late... yet again and you know what? It's costing lives.

For MONTHS now i have been screaming out, along with many other people, over the treatment of the LGBT people in Russia. Since law changes have come into effect, people have been bullied, tortured and yes killed because of their believed sexuality, in some cases, it's not even on gay people, just people that other's think might be gay.


Infact, more on from that, even some celebs have been getting involved in the treatment of the LGBT people in Rissia for some time now. Does nobody remember what happend to madonna?

This is something i have been speaking out about and asking others to speak out against it too.

Last night, channel 4 in the UK aired a programme which was documenting the treatment of gay people in Russia. Explaining how they're abused and even showing some of the people who are proud of the attacks.

Why oh why is it only now that the great british public only turns around and says about how bad the treatment is, the day before the olympics are due to take part in the country? The olympic comittee shouldn't be hosting the olympics in the country and that's where the real story is.


Because the olympic charter does have a section saying that the games will not be hosted in a country where people suffer.... just not in as many words. In germany many years ago when hitler first started his attack on basically everyone, blacks, gays, jews etc, the olympic comittee at the time wrote to him asking him to stop his actions while the olympics were taking place... THEY GOT INVOLVED WITH HITLER. Yet, in 2014 and 2014 the olypic people have refused to get involved with the treatment of gay people in russia because... they say, the olypics are not anything to do with politics and the games are fine to go ahead, the people will be safe.


To end this post, i will some up how i feel. Fucked off.

Fucked off with the british public who have had the chance to speak out against russia and their laws for about a year now and haven't. They could have not only condemmed the actions of the people in charge of the country but spoken out to the olympic comittee in the hope that they would have called the olympics off, or moved them to another country... this could have changed the laws that are putting people in danger every day. Yet, they didn't.

So, finally, a final fuck you to some companies too that claim to be for equality but have as of yet, only given money to the olympics and russia for some advertising space, which as a result, i will not be using their services or products again.