Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Too much negative stuff to list!

Over the past week or so in the UK, we've had a nice bit of sunshine. The temp got up too, so it was of course making me happy. Typical then, that the day the rain really did return, would be the day it finally hit me just how much negative stuff there is in the world.

After a day of just pushing anybody and everybody and thing away, I finally took to social media to part-vent my frustration with the world i'm in and let people know... i'm not happy about everything! Which may come as a shock to some people because everybody think's I post everything on social media, which trust me, if you knew the half of it... you'd know I don't. I also do try and have a positive or a humoured look at the world, but there's only so long you can do that before you have to take a step back and go... "this is shit".

So, my facebook post... let's go through it then...

Billion and one things I could take to facebook and rant about, but, instead, an hour and a half chat with a friend and somehow the air feels a little more clear... in one way... more cloudy in another... so that's fun.

I really was on the phone to my friend for an hour and 32 mins to be exact. Not like that is anything new for us, it's just been a while since we have spent that amount of time on the phone together. When it comes to the cloud thing, it was over an issue which I won't go into detail about, but let's just say, people aren't being as upfront with me, as I would be with them. Instead, they talk to others about their issues, which eventually works it's way back to me... leaving me slightly more pissed off.

Thing is, with the cloud reference, it's that I was thinking one thing, which me and my friend talked through and sort of cleared that, but then there's other issues, which I was oblivious to, which have now come to light... so that's creating more cloud... if that makes sense... probs doesn't, but welcome to my facebook.

You know, I think I need a break from negative stuff, I really do. I surround myself with negative news, as I try to keep a track on what is happening in the world, like fukushima leaking dangerously high levels of radiation into the sea, like Russia STILL having a war over land which isn't theirs!

It's true. I follow news stories which has a negative impact on me, because I look at a certain situation and think "holy shit, somebody should do something about that"... but then nobody does anything, and since i'm still not a prime minister, I can do nothing! So yeah, the Fukushima power plant still leaking into the sea, is costing the lives of animals and doing damage to our planet. I'd have thought more people would have cared about this, but it's one of them... it's no longer making headlines, so not many people care.

The whole Russia thing. I've been complaining about Russia for years over it's treatment of LGBT people, an issue which STILL to this day is going on! Now that, has been brought back to the public eye abit recently when the BBC sent a crew over to Russia to see about the treatment of LGBT people... it documented what it saw and completely backed me up in saying... the treatment of these people is still shit! But of course, the only thing we hear about Russia, if anything, is about how they're having this war, claiming land, which isn't theirs... etc!

So, not much positive stuff to be found in those news stories... and they're only examples, their is so much more!!!!

Negative stuff finds its own way to me. I mean, 90% of the people on my facebook alone, wouldn't know how it feels to have your life's options broadcast on the TV, being told you don't deserve the same rights as everybody else, but welcome to the same-sex marriage debate which is once again the top trend on my FB, as not only the American supreme court makes a ruling, but now Ireland.

The Ireland thing has been making news recently as they go to vote over marriage equality. It's always a risk wondering what way they will vote, but I think the majority of people are going to vote for it... I know some high profile people are certainly in support of it.... (Click here to see a popular irish entertainer talking about the vote)

Thing is, that's close to home and yet there the people are... talking about me. Not by name, but some saying I shouldn't be treated the same as others. Ok, so that's about marriage, there's others that will go further and say I shouldn't be allowed to raise children... well, why not? When the time is right, i'm sure I could be a good parent... so, why not?

I finished off my facebook post on a lighter note...

Me thinks... this is the time I need a day at a spa.
I said I need a day at a spa.
Right, fine, i'm just going to sit here and be moody then.

And that was it.

Like I say, this doesn't scratch the surface of my mind, but it's a simple way of me saying... I ain't happy about stuff. Stuff, that will get sorted one day... but one thing at a time.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Question is... is it me?

This post is going to possibly explain my mood of late, it's as truthful as I can be within a public forum. I am left confused after the breakdown of several relationships around me and as much as I want to just shout at people to be brutally honest with them, with the full intent of being honest to get their relationships back on track, I feel that my mood is causing them people who need shouting at, to think I have an issue with them, as in, me personally.

I don't have many issues with people truth be told. The past year or so I've relaxed my attitude in to just letting people think they're correct, with the odd outburst here and there from me, to correct people from time to time when I think they need it, plus, a little part of me still loves to throw my opinion in there every now and again.

I do however find myself unable to talk to many people about the issues, because it seems most people around me have issues. It's not just relationships, it's down to things like health problems, day-to-day living problems, mental issues and a lack of understanding. Don't get me wrong, i'm fully aware that I have people around me who will always say "You know you can talk to me", but how can I, if they are causing part of my problems?

It's because of this and my sort of "put up and shut up" attitude which is making me feel like I have to bottle things up. Most of my issues I can put to the back of my mind and help others deal with their problems, but from time to time, I would love a little bit of me time, just doing some random things. Sometimes, I like to be quiet, curl up and read something of interest or amusement online... but when that happens, i'm told i'm being ignorant, not myself, not sociable and not being helpful. This goes with a feeling of being over-worked and under appreciated.

I do have a good set of friends and family, i'm surrounded by positivity, randomness and love... but sometimes I just want to scream out the famous Pink lyrics... "Leave me alone i'm lonely".

Time-out from my world can sometimes be absolutely ideal for me, it can prove to be a sort of... break, from me being me.

Many people have the wrong impression of me. They think I am the entertainer who should be on stage, playing my music, telling terrible jokes and just being the life and soul of the party. I put it down to being a Gemini, which is the twins sign, that being the entertainer is only one side to me. The other side is shy, quiet, reserved, interested, questioning and informative... sometimes opinionated, but if you've ever subscribed to my "BevRants" channel, you might have already guessed that.

Thing is though, the root cause... what am I doing about it?

Well, i'm sticking by me, for now. I'm putting myself first and for once, i'm not doing things that don't make me happy. For example, tonight, I had the offer of going to a friends house for my tea and... I dunno, probably ended up on the playstation or something. It isn't what I wanted from my day. My day, already, had been really busy, and part of me, seeing the sunshine, didn't want to go and be inside. I wanted to spend as much time as possible outside... and more importantly, with my dog, Trey.

When it comes to Trey I do often feel bad for him. He is my little buddy and we work well together. He's always by my side and 24/7, I know if I called him... he'd be right there looking at me for my command. Sometimes i'm away from him for up to 7/8 maybe even 9 hours. I miss him and he misses me (even if thanks to the CCTV I have in my home, I can watch live as he sleeps the time away). So, days like today, where it's been lovely and warm, and while I have the time, I love to go out and spend time with him, even if it's just taking him to a field, it's something that makes him happy... so why not treat him!

It turns out that thanks to car problems, I couldn't get anywhere tonight, instead, finding out that my boyfriend's car has a leak from the power steering, which could cost quite a bit to put right. Still though, that's not the point, point is, if I could have gone out to make me happy... i'd have gone, because it made me happy.

In other parts of my life... i'm working on it. I'm now in a relationship, which everybody knows, takes up time, as they all do, which meant for a while there was a difficult balance in my life. Wanting to set the relationship up good, and be able to spend time with my other half, or, spend time with my friends. I chose to get the relationship up and running. I didn't exactly stop meeting with my friends, but with some, it went to long periods of no contact at all, which is now an issue that i'm working on.

Thing's are coming together, but do you, dearest reader, ever get the feeling that you're just not getting the "me" time you want? Do you feel that you're being pulled left, right and centre and to stop yourself from becoming torn, just need to say "this is what makes me happy, so i'm doing it"?

More than likely, the latter, not so many people will relate to... but that's the stage I feel i'm at. So sure, on social media, I may appear to be angry at times, in person, I may be too... but as the song goes... leave me alone, i'm lonely.

Friday, 17 April 2015

All them debates!

 As we come up to the time to vote here in the UK (May 8th 2015), TV networks have been trying to push politics down our throats... and with good reason.

ITV were the first to attempt to do such with their political debate between a staggering 7 parties, all of whom stand a good chance of winning as they all have very valid points to make. Thing is though, a lot of what gets said and by whom, is always a problem for people who don't understand politics, so hopefully this written piece will shine lights on some of the "big issues" that are going to be used to gain political points as we come up to voting time.


Immigration is a hot topic during this debate, brought around mainly by the UK party, UKIP. They want to say that most of the UK's problems are brought around because of Immigration, in saying, the strain put on the NHS, both in waiting times and finances, which could be seen by many as to "oh, that's why the NHS is struggling". Many on the other side of the debate though would say that in recent years, the NHS has had a lot of financial cuts made on it's budgets, from every angle. This is why in the news at the moment they're speaking about how the NHS needs 8 million pounds, and this is to secure that the reduced level of services they're running can be secured.

Immigration as a whole for the UK has seen increases in the past couple of years, as people, world over, try to come to the UK for a better life. These problems are the same world over, immigration can be seen as a problem, or, it can be managed. In recent years we have chosen to manage it, and some parties have said they will do what they can to end it.


Housing isn't available, the UK is facing a shortage of housing and this is one issue that should have been delt with in the past, but hasn't been. Many people are still finding themselves the victim of the recession and subsequent austerity measures in thinking "hmm, where has my money gone, this house costs too much to run". The housing market itself really did suffer when the recession first started to hit. Left right and centre these housing companies had to close their doors, lay off their staff and most regrettably, stop building housing. We now find ourselves short of housing, as you'd expect.

Laws have been changing already though let's not forget. The un-popular "right to by scheme" has even had a bit of a dusting off and a re-wording here and there, but is still the same principle of buying your own home if you rent off a council, giving you a chance at owning your own home. This then means that your local council will have a shortage of homes... or so you'd think. Council's can now build their own properties, whereas before, they would have been restricted under law.

The housing market will pick itself back up, but a political party needs to have a good management of the industry, to make sure they are building well, for the future.

The Deficit

I think it's hard for anybody to not have noticed that the UK is in debt. As it is a debt, we need to re-pay it. Questions mainly come around on this topic because people differ as to how we should re-pay our debt. Austerity is what we are in at the moment, which involves cutting back on spending (at different variations) and trying to increase income. Similar to what somebody would do at home if they found themselves in a lot of debt. Stop going out and having as many parties, and maybe even take on a 2nd job, if only for a while.

All the different political parties have different ways they would ensure the UK repaid the debt.

So, now we know.

There is a lot of other topics, but this is hopefully going to explain some of the basic's to you.

It is too important that you vote this year. Make your voice heard.