Wednesday, 30 July 2014

There's times i wish hitler was around again....

No matter where you've been over the past few months, you cannot have ignored the assault on Gaza that has been launched by Israel. People on both side's of the fence with this are often very vocal and don't want to listen to what the other side have to say, yet, me being me, I have tried, really I have, but then I read a story and saw the video's about a young boy who if I remember rightly was 12 years old, and lost 17 members of his family, because of an attack by Israel.

This news article here shows you exactly what people in Gaza are having to deal with, click here to see it (video).

Now what you're seeing there is still of course only one side of the story, and yes, I admit here, Gaza have launched their own attacks, with next to no effect and from what I can see into this, only as a retaliation to the attacks Israel are making.

It seems Israel wants rid of Gaza, and this is where my train of thought is coming from on the topic, because Israel is mainly made up of people of the jewish faith... so surely that community should be more resistant to wanting to rid the world of any people.... yet, it seems not so much.

I'm not against the jewish faith as a whole, I'm sure that as with other religion's, the faith is made up of all sorts of people, yet, I keep seeing stuff over and over again which I don't like.

... Like that video for example.

So why do I sometimes wish hitler was still around?

Because he is the PERFECT reminder for a place like Israel people and supporters, that killing somebody is NOT an acceptable thing to do. Israel has other options, it never had to take this to war, yet, it chose to, just as hitler chose to order the killing of people because they followed the jewish faith.

Plus I'm sure at the moment Gaza would hire him....

Moving on from this, it's important that we balance the books, so to speak. We ALL need to understand the argument from both sides, ask questions and all push for a peaceful, quick and long term effective end to all this trouble, because too many innocent people are losing their lives and it is NOT acceptable.

I will also point out here that the west doesn't seem to have gotten involved much, apart from America which has funded Israel's arm's... but nothing gets said about that in the media... And WHY haven't we got involved yet? Because... there's no oil involved.

Sad, but it's true.

If we want to push our countries in the west to be getting involved more to help working this into a peaceful ending, we need to take our arguments to the street and show that we, the people, will not sit by and watch this happen... DEMAND ACTION.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Did Russia shoot down a passanger plane?

You know me with my opinion's and YES i've seen the news recently and YES i'm going to rant on about it.... but nothing will change.

Russia has invaded the Ukrane. No point in trying to dress it up anymore, i think even Russia has admitted it now, but, their recent action's are NOT acceptable and they MUST RECIEVE PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR ACTIONS.... oooft, feel the anger there?

I've kept it no secret, i don't like Russia for what it has done over recent years. I think putin is lower than dog shit and his "government", well, even hell would reject them for their crimes against humanity. Yet amazingly, they managed to sink to a new low recently, by shooting a passanger plane out of the sky.

When i first heard this news, you can be sure that yes, i was shocked at first. I actually thought it was some kind of sick joke, because yet again, it's Malaysian Airline's, who's track record of sucsessful flight's is beginning to dip. Alas.... not a joke.

News first reached me when Gay Family Value's youtuber Jay, posted on facebook asking "Why are they calling it a crash?". Now, i know that he works as a policeman, so is going to come across road traffic accidents.... but post about them on facebook? No... he wouldn't. I began scrolling through the rest of my facebook to see something about Russia... and a plane... i checked the BBC news and there it was, breaking news, Russia shoots down aircraft with the quote "don't fly in our air".

Our Air?

Exactly who the fuck does Russia and it's fighter's think they are? They think they own airspace now do they? Me think's mother nature might need to step in and remind them exactly who is in control of airspace maybe... but that's for another venture of my good friend, Karma.

So what appears to have happened here then?

Well, a flight has been going over and SOMETHING has made it fall out of the sky. Now, as a none-plane expert here, i can personally assure you that nothing "technical" made the plane come down. It wasn't pilot error, it wasn't a wing falling off... The Russian's used something, a device, to shoot the plane down. Recent reports say that they thought it was a cargo plane.... ERRR, COS THAT MAKES IT OK DOES IT?


Russia has now lost ALL credability for what it's doing, more people are going to bed tonight hoping that the russian economy does fold in on itself, hoping that putin gets a violent case of diorriah and that he shits out vital organs, leading to the collapse of his government.... or is this just me?

Look, seriously, their action's are out of order. As if starting this "war" that it's turned into wasn't bad enough, they should ALL now be accountable for mass murder, because that is what they have caused. Of course my thoughts will be with the friends and family's of those who have lost innocent loved one's because of all of this, and i hope that now our world leaders will actually impose some restrictions on russia. Infact no, i hope now, out of a reaction for their action, i hope we fuck russia over.

Go for it.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Nurse Trey, if you please.

It's no secret if you've been following my facebook or twitter recently, to know that... I have a cold.

I really hate being un-well, with a passion, because it's always when i'm at a busy point in my life, i can't ever seem to get enough sleep and nobody seems to be able to look after me how i need it.

This time however, i am ill for the first time with Trey, my sort of, flatmate, if you please. I know from in the past he is rubbish with looking after me when im hungover, and to be fair, he's not doing much of a better job now that i'm unwell.

I've been feeling under the weather for about 4 days now, and gradually it's been getting worse and worse. Today however, is the worst, so maybe this is a sign of it getting better soon! Anyways, how has Trey been looking after me?

Well, i still have to feed and water him, so, he's not done well on that front. When i've been blowing my nose, he's been looking at me as if i'm a freak from another plannet and staying away from me for a while after i've blown my nose.

The times when he does come over, he can be found rolling on my head or face, or cuddling up next to me, before jabbing a paw into my tummy as he feels the need to stretch himself out. He's also spent most of the day looking at me in the bathroom blowing my nose and coughing my lungs up, from on the bed, where he's also been asleep, after last night meeting a new doggy for the first time, and being knackerd.

All in all, he's not botherd to look after me, clearly he's realised that he is immune to what i have, so is spending his time laughing at me as i suffer, and plotting what he can do next to make my time worse.


Thursday, 3 July 2014

Mixed up world - and i don't like it!

Today, has been one of the most worst days for news today, leading me to think that this world we live in is utterly fucked up and i really do not like it.

Let me start with the bad news, there's been the story run recently about a guy who while being in police custardy had his photo taken and when posted on the police facebook page for that county in america, the picture went viral because everyone thought he was so good looking. I've since seen other pictures of him, and he's really not.

But today's news is... he's been offerd a modeling contract... while he's in prison! WTF? Who in their right mind is going to want their brand to be advertised by such vile scum? Who is going to want a picture of him anyway? His victims?

It's a disgrace.

But the news for me just got worse.

A little while ago, around being 1 year old, Millie-Rose was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, which is basically, a very aggressive form of cancer which is more often found in children than adults. After being diagnosed of course treatment started straight away, as did fundraising, as the family were thrown a life-line in the form of an operation that could have taken place in europe, which could get rid of the cancer, and no, the treatment is not available on the NHS in the UK, nor, would any funding be available from the NHS.

Fundraising was doing well, up until about a month or so ago. Millie began to become ill with infections, but, she'd prove all the doubters wrong time after time and would bounce back. Only, recently, she became ill again and the decision was made to make her unconcious while the hospital tried a whole range of medication to try and beat off this round of infection. A few days ago, there was a slight sign of improvement, but, tonight, Millie-Rose passed away.

We all have a certain amount of fight in us, there really is, only so much we can take, this latest wave of illness was just too much. It hit me really hard though, because 3 years old is too young to be passing away, and nobody, ever, should have to say goodbye to a 3 year old. It's just not right or fair.

Which for me, brings into question, where is this "god" figure that we hear of? Hmm? I mean, god is supposed to keep the good ones here with us, and smite those who commit acts that... well... piss him off, isn't that the way it goes? And i'm on about all religions here... why would ANY god want to take a child away?

Yet here we are, 2014, a criminal getting a modeling contract and an innocent child being taken away.

There's really not alot i can say in this post, because i'm still abit in shock and truth be told, in need of a beer or two and a bloody good cry.

So that's it. Day's with news like today are not good days, and it makes me question what sort of world we live in.